Brand Protection

The financial impact of brand abuse is often discussed. In spite of the huge effort of premium brands producers, the defence options are limited. A company can run an expensive information campaign. It can build a comprehensive system of products registration and tracking. Or it can place a protecting element on its products.

Such anti-counterfeiting protection elements need to meet the following requirements:

  • -     Non-authorized imitation is impossible or extremely expensive.
  • -     Clients can easily identify genuine products.
  • -     The solution is advanced in terms of graphical design.
  • -     The protecting element cannot be removed and reused.
  • -     The price corresponds to the value of the protected asset.

    OPTAGLIO has delivered a range of projects to drive the falsifiers out of the market and enhance revenues for the premium brand producer. We are a preferred supplier of advanced optical security elements especially if the products are really expensive, a brand is very valuable or a fake can endanger life or health.

    Our clients appreciate that our security elements meet all requirements mentioned above and that we can integrate our technology into client’s production processes. We also support companies in in-house printing and application of security holograms.