Holographic coins

Producers of coins, badges, and medals are more and more often asked to apply holograms into gold, silver or other metal. Therefore they need a partner with proven ability to deliver splendid graphic design, mastering of technologies specific for metals and adaptation to processes of mint companies.

In 2000, OPTAGLIO was instrumental in creating the first ever holographic coin. It was a silver coin with a gold insertion of nominal value 2000 CZK, issued by Czech National Bank. Since that, Optaglio has been steadily active in this area and created a huge experience with printing holograms into different metals.

Our clients appreciate mainly:

  • EXCELLENT OPTICAL FEATURES, including shimmy colors, subtle details, fluent moves of illusionary objects etc.
  • INIMITABILITY OF HOLOGRAMS. Anti-counterfeit protection is critical especially if future growth in collection value is expected and the coin can be targeted by forgers. OPTAGLIO delivers absolutely inimitable holograms.
  • PROVEN TECHNOLOGY FOR HOLOGRAMS PRINTING into different coinage metals, including covering specific technical challenges, such as melting and insufficient fluidity.
  • MINT COMPANIES SUPPORT. We enable mint companies to integrate hologram printing into production processes smoothly. We provide them with an embossing die, other necessary tools, and know-how.

"We help to change coins into real artwork, with strong anti-counterfeit protection."